Middle Eastern Dance is a holistic practice benefitting both body and mind, both spirit and psyche; it embraces the young and young at heart, and caters for all fitness levels and capabilities. Although Middle Eastern Dance is perceived as a predominantly female art form, increasingly, the socially constructed roles of feminine and masculine are being eroded in favour of assimilation and personal preference. Middle Eastern Dance and the arts in their entirety are not gender biased, people are. Middle Eastern Dance boasts a bevy of extremely talented and creative male teachers and performers, both Eastern and Western.

With elements of fire and wisps of air, this dance captures the essence of life in both its feminine and masculine, it alternately leads and yields as the rhythms may dictate. It is the dance of life enacted through the ultimate earthly masterpiece: The Human body, not feminine, not masculine simply human. According to Reginald Massey, “Dance is found among all men whether in primitive or advanced societies. Its functions vary in these societies from religious to pure entertainment. So in all probability dance goes back as far as man himself”. So let’s just dance!

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