arabian eyes
El 3youn El soud

Kohl-rimmed eyes frame lips of ruby-red, while Emerald earrings nestle amidst curls of midnight black. In a faraway land under constant threat of utter annihilation, her proud race dwells. A ruthless battle is being waged over lands and dominion, over race and religion. An ancient and proud city forlornly surrenders its age-old opulence to a cloud of rubble and dust. Daily life grinds to a despondent halt as thousands of years of history are systematically obliterated by missiles and hate. An honourable and proud nation cowers in fear, scurrying for shelter as feeble mice.
In intense concentration she brings her other world into sharp focus, tuning out the all too familiar hum of death and destruction, now where was she, Oh yes… hips swaying to soulful melodies, melding and merging, moving as one. An ancient rhythm; beyond time, beyond place, beyond religion, beyond race.
Today, light years later and in kinder climes, the discordant hum of human brutality echoes still, drowned only by the haunting melodies of her past as she earnestly shares her Middle Eastern Dance heritage from her cosy dance studio in suburban Adelaide.
By Hanan Ahlam Abboud

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