Easy, Exciting and Energetic


Middle Eastern dance has steadily grown in popularity overcoming much of the negative stereotypes it was once associated with. Ask anyone who has tried it and they will tell you how beneficial belly dancing is physically mentally and emotionally. Raqs sharqui or dance of the East is the correct cultural term. Belly dancing is only one style in the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern dance.

This dance form utilizes muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis, torso, spine, and neck. Working with the body instead of against it, it is low impact and the movements come very naturally to women. This minimizes the risk of injury . Benefits include muscle toning and better posture because Middle Eastern dance strengthens the spine and maintains its flexibility by working the muscle groups attached to the vertebrae.

According to Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, M.D., Middle Eastern dance also burns about 300 calories per hour depending of course upon the intensity of the session. Practiced daily and Combined with a healthy eating plan, Middle Eastern dance can help prevent weight gain and is an ideal prenatal exercise for women who desire natural childbirth; with its emphasis on muscle control Middle Eastern dance is excellent post-natal practice that encourages abdominal toning and overall fitness.

The fluid movements of the torso and arms to the soulful  strains of the Ney (middle eastern flute) are very soothing and meditational,  helping to unwind and lower stress levels through the release of body tension. Repetitive movements  and the concentration allows the mind to “let go” and relax. Add to that the fun element which encourages us to open up and enjoy, and one can see why more and more people are turning to this dance form as a source of health and enjoyment.

Middle Eastern dance is an easy, exciting and energizing way to exercise. It is a creative outlet that strengthens your core muscles, tones, and allows you the space to tune into the natural movements of your body.  To Refresh, relax, and/or exhilarate, don’t wait enroll in a belly dance class now!

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